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My teeth r really bad I brush n floss them every day twice and everything's. I go to a dentist they either don't want to see me. Or they recommend me to other dentists and my teeth hurt so bad nothing works any more I can't get a job so I get a very little amount of money each week from unemployment and I need not of that for gas Bcuz I am n addict/Alcoholic so I need to put my money in for gas so I can drive n hour a day so I can either go to a meeting or councelor appts... and besides having really bad teeth one of my front teeth is missing so I feel like a hill billy I just am sick of my teeth hurting n not having Any dental insurance so I really don't know what to do.. I. Can't deal with. The pain that much longer..
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Hello, my name is April, I live in Dalton Ga and I am looking for free or low cost dental work. I am widowed. I take care of my disable mother who requires 24 hr care and I have a thirteen year old daughter at home. i'm 44 yrs old I have no insurance and neither does my mother, I've been trying for a year to get mother on medicaid and medicare. I am in need of upper dentures. I have bad teeth that keep abcessing. Several years ago I had bonding done. Once it started coming off my teeth started breaking off. I have no insurance and No way of getting the dental work done. Please help. Thank you and God Bless.
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Clm55me   in reply to Red Rose
Operation smile is for children??? I dont get it?
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Red Rose   in reply to Clm55me
Look up opperation smile. Go to a free clinic. I have been a widow for over 2 years now, and I've been disabled for nearly 11 years but still couldn't get any help, unless I muddled through cleaning someones house in exchange for room and board. This is how I am getting by now. Use what you know and what you have got to do what you can. I ask God to help me so he put me with this kind older gent,
that treats me like I'm his daughter. I keep the dishes and his clothes washed, I cook
for him, and I straighten up his messes and mine when we're finished making them.
He takes me out job hunting and to help him clear his two properties the way he wants them done, so I am earning my keep. At 54 with lupus, endometriosis,spinal
Hernia(2 herniated disc) and kindey mal functioning, I'd say I am doing ok for myself.
I would still rather get a job doing what I love, but until our broken ecconomy is fixed,
I might be stuck right here with my friend that acts like he's my dad,
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How do people without insurance get help with dental care or why is it so hard to get free help with medical and dental care? I am 55 no insurance because I lost my job a year ago I have no coverage and need dental care so I can go back to work.I have lost 3 teeth in the front of my mouth so I look terrible.Is there anyone in Wasington State that will help me with this?
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 in response to Aprilhope...   

Hi April

You have been through a lot and got the help you needed with hard work on your part then to lose 100 pounds that is something to be proud of. Now you can begin to live the life you want to live and you were meant to live. 

As for dental you can check here to see if there is a free dental clinic near you at this link

And my blog has more information here

Wishing you better times


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My whole life I have felt ugly. I rarely smiled, and had very little self-esteem. Partly because I thought I was so ugly that no man would want me, I was in a relationship with a man who abused me until I escaped and went to a domestic violence shelter. With the help of counselors, therapists and a psychiatrist I was able to get into school and get a degree and to lose over 100 pounds. But while I have started to gain self esteem and confidence, but still have trouble with this.

I have always dreamed of having a pretty smile and to have my teeth fixed, but I am unable to financially afford cosmetic dental work, even though I don’t know if I would need much work. I know that there are two dental schools in NYC, but still they are expensive for me. I don’t know if my whole life would change suddenly if I could get cosmetic dental work, but I desperately wish I could just feel comfortable being able to smile, and I think it would help my self-esteem so much. Thank you so much for your help and for listening. April

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